Securing your online accounts (Part 1)

As part of your business digital strategy, it is essential to include the protection of your systems and company accounts (be it bank accounts, email accounts, social media accounts, web portal access, etc.). One of the means of protection is by using two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication is an additional step to verify that you are who you say you are after entering your username and password. Two-factor tools can take different forms: something you have (hardware token, phone call or SMS authentication, app-based authentication using software like Google Authenticator/DUO, etc. or something you are (biometrics)

Why is two-factor authentication necessary? Two-factor authentication reduces the risk of your online accounts being compromised and potential exposure to sensitive customer information. For example, suppose a malicious person gains access to the credentials. In this case, they will not be able to successfully login without providing additional verification.

Most of the major social media platforms have help pages with step-by-step instructions on enabling two-factor authentication. For example, you can simply look up ““social media platform name” + 2fa.”

Suppose you are yet to set this up for the online accounts for your business. Why don’t you set a goal to set up two-factor authentication on them and make your accounts more secure than they currently are?

Suppose you are unsure which of the different two-factor authentication tools/software to choose. In that case, we can help you make an informed decision based on what is easy for you to use.