The Need for a Business Phone Number

For the owner of a home based or commercial business, it is important to separate the phone number associated with you as a person from the contact number for your business. 

Chances are that your bank accounts, email accounts and social media accounts  are set up with your personal phone number for two factor authentication/verification. Using your personal phone number adds the burden of receiving calls from customers/prospects on you since the phone number is assigned to your SIM card. 

With a business phone number, it gives your business a professional look and creates a great first impression. It separates you from the business and sets your business up for when you can afford to have a customer service representative to handle all incoming calls and correspondence. Your business is able to have a separate contact directory, call history, messages, voicemail greeting etc. You are able to set up work hours for when the phone number is available to receive calls and when the business is closed and unable to receive calls

You can have a business phone number on the go without owning a business desk phone with features like automated receptionist greeting, conference calling, extension assignments and call forwarding/voicemail for little to no cost.

Think you need this but you don't have the time to research the available options in the market?

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