Technology Review

As a part of Techity's services, we aim to provide an in-depth analysis on your business' current technological structure, identifying any undesirable systems or potential surplus in digital-grade tools. We also provide more general forms of consultation in relation to more wide-ranging business problems, which we then apply in the context of your current technological position.

Approach to Technological Assessment   

Technology can be an extremely difficult asset to consider for a business in many different ways. On one hand, it is broad, diverse, and convenient but on the other, also quite expensive when necessary. At times, the thought of having to acquire a collection of technological tools relative to your current pool of resources may become overwhelming, despite how much of a standard it has become.

What We Offer

  • General Tech Assessment
  • Pain Point Recognition and Support


Site Assessment & Security Review

If you're looking to increase the visibility of your brand, chances are you already own a website, or at or the very least, have it on your shortlist. 

website is essentially the main hub where you would want all digital traffic to be directed towards whenever your business is mentioned. However, a common misconception with inexperienced site owners is that your home page is instantly protected by the Internet or domain provider upon creation.

Unfortunately, this is not true.

Our consulting services include a specialized review of your business website, fit with both security and metric analyses to complement the overall evaluation of your business' technological allocation.

What we Offer

  • Website Review
  • Site Security Assessments
  • Site Metric Analysis/Reports