Alternatives to Google Drive for cloud storage

Started getting out of storage notifications like this for your Google Photos, Gmail & Google Drive?

Google switched from unlimited file storage to a free storage limit of 15GB in 2021. More details here: Updated storage policy for Google Photos - Google Photos Help

Here are a few free/low cost alternatives you may want to explore

1. Amazon Photos

Unlimited photo storage and 5GB for video storage with Prime membership

2. OneDrive free account for personal use - Free Cloud Storage for Photos and Files – Microsoft OneDrive

3. Subscribe to Google One with storage plans starting from $1.99 for 100GB

4. Migrate older files, videos and photos to your other Gmail accounts (if applicable) to free up space on your main account

For users with Google Workspace accounts, the storage requirements are different. See more details about the Google Workspace plans and the respective storage capacity

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