Lessons learned from the Rogers Outage of July 8 2022

On July 8, customers on the Rogers network woke up to see no mobile network reception or internet access on their wireless modems.

The outage affected many businesses with substantial financial losses, access to cash, e-transfer facilities, and other essential services.

Consumers not on the Rogers, Fido, or Telus networks could access the internet and make/receive calls.

One big lesson from that experience was that subscribing to one service provider for multiple services (mobile and internet services) was not as good as they had thought.

The Rogers outage was a wake-up call to small business owners to assess all the critical tech and tools required to run their business and develop a redundancy plan.

Here are a few questions small business owners can use to assess their business continuity plan in the event of a significant outage like the Rogers outage

If social media is down, how would you reach your customers?
If your website crashed today, how would you recover quickly? If your CRM was no longer available, do you have an alternate way of accessing your customer data?
Do you have backups to restore your operations if your critical data got corrupted?

Suppose you answered No to any of the questions above. In that case, it’s time to assess your critical services and have a redundancy plan.

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