Maximizing Your Software Subscription for Business Success in 2024 and Beyond

It is the new year, and depending on your software subscription cadence, it is up for renewal at some point this year. 

As you write and plan your business goals or probably are in execution mode, it provides the opportunity to evaluate the following:

Does that software subscription or application meet your current business needs and the needs of your business shortly?

If it meets your current business needs, assess the cost of a monthly and annual subscription. You can get some cost savings by switching to a yearly subscription. You can also watch for periodic discounts offered by your software provider for further discounts if applicable.

Review the current functions of the software/application against the goals you have for your business in 2024 and your forecast for 2025. Does it support those goals, or does it fall short? Does it integrate with the other components in your business? The answers you come up with will determine if you should continue with the software/application or terminate the subscription early.

Is the software a one-time payment with lifetime access or a recurring subscription? 

Depending on the nature of your business, how often you use the software and how integral it is to your business operations, going with lifetime access may suffice in some cases as it is a one-time upfront cost or recurring subscription where the business wants to be flexible to adapt with technological advancements and improvements and pivot as required.

Do you have more than one application providing the same functionality? 

As technology evolves, applications and software constantly improve and add new functionalities. Periodically review and subscribe to tech newsletters like our monthly tech roundup so you are in the loop about these updates. For example, we posted a video last year about how some Google Workspace editions provide the option of sending newsletters as you would from an email marketing platform. This feature will meet the needs of business owners who need something simple - a contact list and the ability to use merge tags and templates that can be repurposed. 

We've got you if you need help getting started with these recommendations! Feel free to book a complimentary consultation call with us; let's talk.